C.A.R.E Values Blog, Week 8-9, term 3

My goal is to develop the consistent use of our CARE Values towards all the people I interact with and for myself .
My strengths are in being a respectful person because I have been caring for  people out in the playground. One of my other strengths are being an active thinking because when there is a problem I can find a way to help. I have achieved my bronze certificate and almost achieved my silver certificate.
I am going to work towards my silver because I want to get my gold. l hoping to get this before the end of the year.

Art Attack Blog, Week 5, term 3

For art attack my goal was to produce a piece of art related to our local landscape using either paint, water colour or pastel. I did paint
With Mr Rule I looked at the different landscape features of Canterbury and Banks Peninsula.

I enjoyed painting because we learnt to do dry brush. I found it difficult because I had to mix colours to make the correct colour. I included a tree to make make it look a bit more realistic.

I would like to get better at showing more in the fore ground because when I draw my detail in the fore ground there is only 1 or 2 things that I can think to draw.

My learning Goals for Term 3


I have been identifying my literacy goals for the start of term 3
My reading teacher is Mr Rule
My writing teacher is Mrs Marsh

So What?

My handwriting goal is to flicks my letters.

My spelling goal is to complete list 6.

My writing goal is to plan our moment in time using our senses.
My reading goal is to use several pieces of information to make inferences.

My blog goal is:  to use a variety of ways to show my learning (text, photos/images, video)


Dance blogpost

IHBL: a hip routine  a cha cha routine
         to combine different movements in to a dance routine to Treasure by Bruno Mars
So What?
        I found remembering the correct sequence for the dance routines needed much practice
Now what?
        I would like to do further dance lessons

Reciprocal Reading

what? I am learning about reciprocal reading

So what? I have learned that reciprocal reading involves students being the leaders. Everyone is expected to contribute.

Now what Two areas I want to get better at are summarizing and questioning

Te Reo Maori

we have been learning language about ko Au which means me myself and l
so what
something I have learnt to say is Ko Sarah toku whaea (my mums name is sarah)
now what
my next learning step is to ask and answer question confident in maori

Keeping Ourselves safe

what I am learning to make safe decisions

so what  i am learning this because it will help me to be safe

Now what an example of a safe decision is if some came up to me and said to me can you try to help find my dog and say I'm not going


WALT: Write a poem with a twist.

I learned it ends with "no" something.

I achieved my goal because I made a great poem with a twist. 

Next time I will create a twist poem with new vocabulary.

Here is an example of my learning: 

Ready to race 
getting set 
the green flag goes 
no track. 

Year 4 Sleepover

Something I enjoyed was foxes and hounds because we hid in a good hiding spot.

One challenge I had was not getting caught in foxes and hounds. I solved it by moving hiding spots.

Something I learned about myself was I snore all night.

I surprised myself when I wasn't with my friends.   `


WALT: pass, kick and catch large balls

I learned that it's harder then it looks

Here is an example of my learning: I can kick a ball to someone straight 

Next time I will catch balls with the proper skill